Hi, I'm Bev!

I'm an accountant, new homesteader, and now blogger that convinced my husband and kids to move from the desert suburbs of Phoenix to 12 acres in rural Southern Ohio so we can grow our food and raise adorable goats. Ok, not just goats, but man do I really want goats! 

The Homestead

The family purchased a home on 12 acres in Southern Ohio and are in greener pastures. Read along as we learn and develop our new space into our dream farm. Plans include a beautiful garden, chickens, dairy animals, fiber animals, and whatever else I can get my husband Jared to agree to!


We enjoy working with our hands, and we list what we make on Etsy. You might find handspun yarn, bottle openers, beer field notes, crochet patterns, and a special crochet item or two. The selection is always changing as we only make when we're inspired!      

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