I'm Bev, and this is me holding our day old chicks right after picking them up from the Post Office (8 days after we arrived in OH)

I'm Bev, and this is me holding our day old chicks right after picking them up from the Post Office (8 days after we arrived in OH)

Ross Roost is My Home

Come on in!

I'm Bev! The voice (and face I suppose) of Ross Roost. The Roost is where we moved our family after trying unsuccessfully to live the sustainable, creative, chicken filled life I had dreamed about for as long as I can remember. June of 2017, our family made the trek from the desert suburbs of Phoenix to rural Ohio to start our homestead. I was compelled to share our journey because I love stories, and following other's stories was what inspired me to pursue this fulling life. My husband (Jared) and I both work pretty typical day jobs, which we still do from our new home (hooray internet!). We homestead because we love the satisfaction that comes from growing our own food, and someday hope to raise and produce the majority of it. 

Jared reinforcing the chicken coop.

Jared reinforcing the chicken coop.

We find passion and purpose working with our hands, and a small farm filled with projects felt like a worthwhile en-devour to put that energy towards. We are working on it one garden bed, fence, and creature at a time. When we set out on this adventure, we weren't originally intending to be as rural with as much property as we ended up with (12 acres). There is no doomsday prepping, no plans to quit our jobs, or become off grid. We're just everyday people looking to live a life filled with daily egg hunts, soil, fresh veggies, goat cuddles (and someday a cow and maybe pigs!). We've had a lot of fun learning along the way, as neither of us have any experience with farm life. At the moment, we couldn't possibly be more thrilled with where we are. Our small town is incredible, and we look forward to being involved in it.

In addition to now novice farming, I am a fiber artist. I dye and spin fiber into yarn, which I either crochet with or list in our Etsy shop. Someday I hope to raise an alpaca along with a few sheep so I can shear and work with my own fiber. I have quite a few big dreams! I'm also a giant Harry Potter nerd (Hufflepuff pride, baby!), craft beer enthusiast, cookbook collector, and am constantly learning new skills. Like cheese making, fermenting, canning, and plant identification. If it helps me reduce waste and use everything we produce, I want to learn about it.

Jared enjoys woodworking, which has been an incredibly useful skill to have around here. So far he's built us benches for our kitchen table, a bookshelf, and made the coop a safer place for our chickens. I see a goat barn, and some raised garden bed projects in his (near) future. He is also a craft beer enthusiast, and enjoys binding book pages and making fun covers. He made the beer notebooks in our Etsy shop. On Saturdays in the fall, the only place he'll be is watching Ohio State football. O-H!

We are both now expert lawn mowers. Taking care of 12 acres of land is no joke.

Our kids sure like working around our new property! We're still helping them build their skills and confidence to be responsible stewards of livestock and the land. Animals are a HUGE responsibility, and my goal is to instill in them the importance of properly caring for them while appreciating the sacrifice that animals make to provide us with nutritious food. 

Our roost is completed by our four legged and feathered friends. We have two hilarious dogs, Carmen & Colette,  two tiny baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats (and a foster baby goat!), as well as ten chickens. We are thoroughly entertained by our animals, and hope to start raising more soon.

We hope you enjoy the things we share. The Homestead Blog is filled with reflections, projects we're working on, and how we've decided to go about doing things. We are experts at nothing, so read the blog as you would listen to instructions from that one friend that has no idea what he's doing. Sometimes it will be amazing, other times....not so much. 

Follow me on Facebook to see what I'm working on next, or if you like yarny things better than farming things, Instagram. Some days are more creative (or poop filled) than others.

Update: The farm now has an Instagram as well. So check out all those fun social media places! There will be chickens, and goats, and garden photos! 

I also recently started co-hosting a podcast. Give it a listen if you like drinking adult beverages and farming things.