TnT Boot Cuffs

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I've been spinning tons of yarn lately! My new favorite style is Thick & Thin (TnT) yarn. I love how easy it spins, and the style is naturally forgiving to mistakes. As a new-ish spinner, drafting is still the most difficult step. If you follow me on IG & Facebook I'm sure you've seen an improvement in consistency in the DK & Worsted yarn I spin. I can give the credit for that to the Craftsy classes I've taken. I have one more I purchased during the sale to watch, then I've taken just about every spinning class they have!

 I've see TnT yarn primarily marketed for newborn props. While perusing different patterns that call for it so I could decide how long to make the hanks I spin, I took a good look at the way it stitches up. TnT gives your project this beautiful variance in texture that makes the simplest of projects look Pinterest worthy handmade. I love keeping things simple. I also love Pinterest. This got me thinking TnT yarn needs more adult patterns for the smaller hanks. The big squishy scarves are gorgeous, but hand spun yarn can be pricey. I've been making my hanks between 30 and 50 yards so you can try the style out without breaking the bank. What can I make for an adult with less than 50 yards?

Every now and again I get a great project idea that hits me and it's just a few days between idea and release, but this project took a bit longer. I knew I wanted to make something for an adult with my TnT yarn, I just didn't know what. In anticipation of a special fall trip Jared and I scheduled to the Hocking Hills area of Ohio I ordered new boots and some funky leggings. While trying everything on so I could pack I zipped my boots up, and BAM! I don't own many boot cuffs! I have some legwarmers I designed,  a few cute store bought socks, and one pair of boot cuffs that didn't match my funky leggings. I needed something that would just look good peeking out of my boots without making my whole leg warm. It wasn't going to be that cold during our trip, and we live in Phoenix, so really full leg warmth is rarely needed. Before I left I grabbed a hank I hadn't listed yet, rolled it into a ball, and I set out to come up with something while on the plane. 

Here it is.


  • Yarn: TnT, 46 yards
  • Hook: 8mm
  • Yarn Needle
  • Measuring Tape

 Stitches & Abbreviations: 

  • St – Stitch
  • Slst – Slip stitch
  • Sc – Single crochet
  • Hdc – Half Double crochet
  • Fsc – Foundation single crochet
  • Fpdc – Front post double crochet


8 Fsc = 4”, Height not pertinent.


Pattern as written is for me with a 14 ½” calf, which is in between a ladies small and medium. To adjust the pattern for smaller or larger calves measure and make your beginning Fsc chain a couple inches smaller than the calf circumference. My TnT yarn has a lot of spring in it so I started with a 12” chain. If you change the size, the yardage of yarn needed will change.


Wool Yarns from
  • Beginning Fsc needs to be an even number.
  • Chains at the beginning of each row is not counted as a stitch.

Let's Begin

  1. Fsc 24 (12”), join without twisting (24)
  2. Ch2, *Fpdc in next St, Hdc*, repeat around, join to 1st Fpdc. (24)
  3. Ch2, *Fpdc around the Fpdc in last row, Hdc*, repeat around, join to 1st Fpdc. (24)
  4. Repeat row 3, 2 more times, or until you've run out of your TnT yarn

Finishing Off:  Tie off, weave in ends.

This pattern is copyrighted by Ross Roost. You may not copy, alter, share, or sell the pattern or it’s photos in part or whole. You may sell or enjoy any of the items you make from this pattern. If you sell online, please give pattern credit to Ross Roost and link to

They are only 3" wide. I thought being short they would slip out of my boots and ride up, but I wore them for 3 days straight and rarely made an adjustment to them. If a small. quick project is what you are looking for, these are great! They also coordinate with the Caroling Headwrap.

One tip. I ended up with 5 yards left over, because I had wound mine into a ball by hand. I recommend you wind yours into a center pull ball so you can work back and forth between the two boot cuffs from the center and outside ends. This will allow you you to use all of your TnT yarn. I'll save the 5 yards I have leftover for a cute flower to stick on a hat. You can keep going and make these into cute leg warmers if you live somewhere cooler and have a larger ball of yarn. I made them so short because I really wanted to use as little yarn as possible. This makes them great for small gifts (dare I say stocking stuffers in October?), or for your both/Etsy shop if you sell what you crochet. 

You may notice there isn't a PDF of this pattern yet. I'm working on adding stitch counts for more sizes and having a full pattern test. I wanted to get the free version up though because I currently have many hanks in the Etsy shop that would be super fun TnT Boot Cuffs! Don't see the color or yardage you want? Send me a message through Facebook or Etsy for a custom order. I'm not doing many custom spins yet, but this style of yarn I have down pat. Custom dying the fiber and spinning it up will be the same cost as the shop listed yarn, which is priced by the ounce. If you don't crochet, but you are still reading this because you like me (why else would you still be here?), I'll do the crocheting too for a small charge. Just send me a message and we'll chat about it.

When you make a pair please share photos with me via Facebook! I love seeing your finished projects done with either yarn I've spun or a pattern I've written.

I'll end this post with yarn. I couldn't end it on any higher of a note! All of these are in the Etsy shop.

Do you spin? If you are still improving your art I highly recommend Craftsy's spinning classes!