Week Peepin' #01 - 4/9/18 - 4/15/18

What's this you ask? It's something new I'm trying on for size. As you may, or may not know, I have been sending out a weekly email with a highlights reel of our week here at the roost. While I was writing last week's update, I peeked through the old ones, and realized it was like a digital diary of our little farm life here. Why was I having that live in email form, when I could be saving them on my own blog to enjoy anytime? I don't know, but I'm fixing that. So here it is, our first Week Peepin' of all time!

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The Worst Milestone: Our First Chicken Death, Sour Crop

"Farming is a profession of hope." - Brian Brett

Eight months and five days into our little farm adventure we hit the worst milestone, our first farm death. One of our silver laced wyandottes, Artemis, died from complications stemming from sour crop. This milestone was inevitable. Death is a part of farm life, and if you want to live on a farm....well it is something you just have deal with eventually. I had hoped it would hold off a bit longer.

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Getting Over Your Homesteading Mistakes

If you've read any of my past posts you know I make mistakes. ALL THE TIME. I think mistakes come with the territory of jumping out there and doing new things. I love research, and learning everything I can about gardening ideas, animals I hope to raise, and putting in new homestead infrastructure. I mean, I started a book club just for doing more research for crying out loud!

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January Through April 2018 - The Plan

I don't have a crystal ball. Do you have one? 

No...dang it. I guess we'll just have to make a plan and see what happens. Because you know that old saying, right? Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. 

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Leaving Your Chickens for the First Time During Winter

You're going on a trip, and it's winter. I hope it's somewhere warm. Par-tay! But wait, you have chickens. Should you leave them in someone else's care? Can another person give your flock the love and attention they deserve? Will they even miss you while you're gone?? Stop worrying.

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How to Organize a Hot Mess Homestead - Review of the Homestead Management Binder & SmartSteader App

Organization is something so many people struggle with. What one person thinks is the holy grail of neatness and useful information, looks like a nightmare to another person. Personality and lifestyle are what I used to determine how to organize myself. So when weighing your options, consider a few things. Do you use technology often and adeptly? Is the information you require better served by viewing multiple pages at once? Do you think paper is a giant waste of trees? Are there so many notifications popping up on your device calendar reminders get drown out? Are you like me and nodded your head at all of these things?

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How to Render Leaf Lard for Baking

Before we start, you may be asking what is leaf fat? It's the fat that comes from around the kidneys of a hog. It's supposed to be cleaner, and less porky tasting than lard rendered from regular hog fat. Boiling down pork leaf fat into snowy white lard for pie crusts, pastries, tortillas, or whatever else you want to make with it sounds like it's something best left to those experienced homesteaders that know what they're doing, right?

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Getting Ready for Goats

I had always pictured a huge garden, chickens, a cow, maybe a few pigs, but it wasn't until last year I added goats to the list. Goats totally make sense as a milking animal for the smaller farm. Per a pound of feed they produce more milk than a cow and are easier to care for. Until recently I had never even had goats milk or held a goat. Petting them through a fence and feeding them pellets out of a vending machine at a tourist attraction doesn't count. So what does one do when they've decided through pictures and funny blog posts they NEED goats? 

Well, I don't know what a normal person does, but here's what I did.

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