To Free Range....or Not? Chicken Dreams Vs. Reality

This is how I pictured it:

Every morning when the sun's first light peeked over the hill, our rooster (Heihei, that would be his name) crowing in the distance would alert us all the day is beginning. Get to it! I'd walk out the front door, in an apron with scratch in the pockets, as our chickens hopped up the steps to greet me.

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Take a Tour of Our Chick Brooder

We've somehow managed to build the perfect brooder. I can't totally toot my own horn here, because this is a combination of all the research and reading I've done which is just a bunch of other people's know how, Jared's ingenuity, and the desire to reuse as much as possible. This little farm thing we have going on needs goats someday, and goats cost money. Every dollar we spend on the chicks today is a dollar we don't have for future goats. I didn't want to buy a brooder that only had one purpose then collected dust. Or really rust. Do things get dusty in Ohio? I feel like there's more moisture here than dirt.

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